EMC World Round Up

By all accounts, EMC World was a tremendous success for vLab!  We saw great buzz around the show and on social media.  Attendees were excited to gain access to EMC’s new products and visited vLab as a result.  vLab executed a total of 3847 labs which was up 17% YoY.  The system itself had 100% uptime, with only a few small hiccups along the way.  The automation of the system was going full bore for most of the week, provisioning 24,902 VMs over the course of the show.  That’s 10.6 VMs provisioned per minute!  If you include the tears downs, that’s nearly 50,000 provisioning / deprovisioning actions in the four days of the show.  Simply tremendous!

As the show wound down, the team had a feeling of relief.  It is a very stressful experience, even when it went as well as it did.  Thursday was busier then normal, with a few stragglers hanging on even as we tore down the room.  We had to do setup in reverse – tearing down all the thin clients and monitors, boxing them all up, squaring with the equipment rental company.  Even when we’re done delivering labs, there’s more work to do!  Once we were done with that, the show setup crew comes in and begins to tear down the walls.  Within the space of a few hours, its as if we never existed.  Amazing the transformation these convention spaces go through!

Once the show is completed, we have some time to relax before we all travel back to our homes for a well earned weekend.  We all went out to dinner together and shared a few more hours together.  This team is really amazing.  Every person is dedicated to the success of the show – and it shows.  We come from separate organizations but those lines disappears for this effort.  It is and amazing experience and is what I believe teams should aspire to be.  We’re all in this together.




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