Chris and Joe Tucci

Keep It Between the Lines! – vLab at EMC World, Day 5

We finished up yesterday with over 1000 labs taken within vLab – 1075 to be exact!  It was a great day by all accounts.  We had a few hiccups here and there but no sustained issues.  The team recovered very well and on the whole, everything ran smoothly.  We expect another busy day today with keynotes and product announcements happening this morning.  We usually get a rush with attendees looking to get a glimpse of new and improved offerings.  We usually have about 60% of the seats full but after keynotes we can get filled to capacity.  When that happens, we have the option to open our Guided vLab classrooms for general use.  If we’re full and there isn’t a class going on, we’ll leverage that option.

Also I met this guy in the Expo:

Chris and Joe Tucci

It’s mid-morning and vLab is completely full!  We have even expanded the main floor into one of the Guided vLab rooms so we have a total of 150+ attendees taking labs.  Amazing stuff!  The backend is humming along just fine.

We are watching the big board in the NOC carefully to catch any issues before they become impactful to the show floor.  There are a ton of components to monitor and many multiples of each… all together they make up vLab so all must be watched.

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