What is it, That you do here?

Introductory posts for a new blog are hard to craft.  There is so much to cover and I like to be able to do that without boring the reader to tears.  This post will give you a little background on me and why I think you’ll be interested in the comments / ideas / information I want to focus on in this blog.  My intended audience is folks that work in the technology field (which is wide and varied) but isn’t intended to be a technology blog.  There are plenty of those and quite frankly, I’m not quite smart enough or detail-oriented enough to participate in a cutting edge tech dialogue.  Instead, I’ll be focusing on leading and participating in technology teams.  Through my 15 or so years in the industry, I’ve come across quite a few styles of leadership and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with the wider community – or at least those that have stuck around long enough to read this far!  There is plenty of information on leading teams but I believe there are things about technology teams that make them unique and thus generic leadership information doesn’t always apply or simply put, YMMV.

A little about myself…  My name is Chris Hendrick and I grew up and live in Massachusetts.  I graduated with a degree in English and Philosophy from Colgate University (great school!) and a few years later received an MSIT (Masters of Science in Information Technology) from Clark University (also great!)  Computers and technology started for me as a hobby and turned into a career.  No one makes money with an English and Philosophy degree!  I started work right after undergrad at Genzyme Corporation as a Systems Administrator.  I had interned there as desktop support so the transition wasn’t difficult as I already knew many of the faces in the IT (then MIS) department.  I worked in various capacities supporting mainly the Microsoft technology stack and then later Unix and SAN storage.  Then in late 2006, I became the manager of the team that delivered and operated those technologies and a few others.  I worked in that capacity until mid-2011 when I came to work at EMC as the manager of the vLab Platform Team.  vLab is really cool and I’ll certainly be writing about it in future posts!  All in all, I have about 7 years as an individual contributor and 7 years as a manger in technology.  As a result, I believe I have a perspective that can lend value to the community – at least I hope so.  If you want all the gory details on my resume, here is my LinkedIn profile – feel free to connect!
I certainly haven’t worked in the industry as long as some, nor do I profess to have the answers to all questions concerning the topic at hand.  That said, I hope to impart some information and start a dialogue with my readers on what it means to be a leader in the field of technology.  Thanks for reading, more soon.

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